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Refugees live in isolated camps far from local life. As newcomers in Europe, they need opportunities to meet, participate in and contribute to their new community. How do we create these opportunities?  




There is no integration without participation!


That’s the motto of EMBRACE – a European Commission-funded project that aims at boosting refugees’ participation in the design and implementation of integration policies. Together with 10 partners across 11 European cities, we are building the capacity of 198 refugees and 110 local decision-makers to engage with each other meaningfully, creating platforms for dialogue and laying the path for long-lasting collaborations. 


Learn more about EMBRACE and its impact here




Both locals and refugees need opportunities to learn about each other – integration is a two-way process. To facilitate these opportunities, since 2019, we’ve built the capacity of local citizens to act as mentors to refugees as they navigate their new community.

How? Through RaCIP, a European Commission-funded project which aims to design an innovative model for refugees’ integration based on the collaboration of private local citizens.


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As newcomers, refugees need to get familiar with the language and culture of their host country. Through the ERASMUS + project TOCL (Translation of Cultural Language), we are incorporating elements of the Greek culture such as poems, songs, proverbs and recipes into our educational programmes – boosting refugees’ social inclusion through interactive and fun learning. See the latest TOCL report for the national findings about cultural integration through language learning in Greece and partner countries–Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain.


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