Focus on quality

Taught by qualified teachers, approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, and tailored to the needs of refugees.


Our students come from over 10 countries, including Greece, and speak many languages. They still claim that English is the hardest.


Our Greek and English learners were the first in our region (Epirus) to successfully pass accredited language tests!


We can use all kinds of support! Are you a skilled trainer? Do you have time to help remotely? We would love to hear from you! Get in touch at or help us continue our work by donating.


Our English language program is offered daily at two refugee sites in Epirus: Agia Eleni Refugee Site and Katsikas Refugee Camp. Our students are aged 15+ and come from over 10 different countries.

Our classrooms are spaces that enable refugees to regain their agency and re-engage in learning again. With quality at the forefront, the classes are taught by qualified volunteer teachers who follow the Cambridge Empower syllabus, tailored to the needs of our students. 

For some students our classes are the first educational opportunity that they have had. While the majority are learning basic literacy skills, we do offer more advanced students the chance to prepare for an accredited language test, when they are ready. The certificate they receive is an essential asset to socio-economic integration in Europe and beyond.Our language programs focus on developing an urgent skill in refugees – the ability to communicate in a European language! 


Similar to our English program, our Greek language program, syllabus and approach consider the unique needs of refugee learners, for whom the learning of a language is an urgent life skill. Refugees need to develop the ability to communicate in a European language, and with the majority of those in Greece currently having to claim asylum here, learning Greek is an important first step towards integration.


We provide classes for adult learners (aged 15+), delivered by qualified Greek language teachers and specially-designed teaching resources developed by the University of Ioannina. The program aims to build confidence and help people communicate in their daily life in Greece, while also giving the opportunity to prepare for the accredited language exam of the Greek Ministry of Education.