World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day

Welcome to our World Refugee Day Challenge! As some of you may know, on June 20 each year we celebrate World Refugee Day by inviting our followers to support refugees in fun and creative ways. This year you have the chance to impact the lives of hundreds of refugees living in camps across Northern Greece through our Fundraising Challenge! 

Friends of Second Tree are putting their skills to the test through a variety of challenges; from baking to exercising to running a marathon! For the next two weeks, they will be working through these challenges and raising funds for refugees through their communities along the way. 

It’s been amazing to see lots of different people with different skills come together to support the same cause: providing 250 refugees with two months of quality education. But the challenges of our champions go beyond a physical stretch or a creative bout. Participants are challenging society’s false stereotypes of refugees as heroes, victims, or villains by spreading the word that #RefugeesArePeople who don’t want our pity: they want an opportunity to thrive.  

How can you get involved? Find your favourite challenge here and help the champion reach their fundraising goal by donating! Second Tree is a grassroots organization and our work depends on the donations of people like you who want to impact the lives of refugees. With €10 you can support one of our adult students for a month of education; €40 you can provide one child with over 20 hours of language classes & well-being activities; with 100€ you can give 15 children the chance to go out of the camp & explore their new community.

Follow our Champion’s efforts, share their pages & invite your friends & family to give refugees the opportunity to thrive by donating!