World refugee day, what have we achieved?

World refugee day, what have we achieved?

We’re thrilled to share the results of our World Refugee Day Fundraising Challenge with you! Our Champions, their communities and our supporters,  have managed to raise 8,950! This means two more months of educational activities for over 200 refugee children and adults who have been out of school since March 2020 because of COVID restrictions. 

A special thank you goes to our challenge Champions for the time and energy they have dedicated to supporting refugees in Northern Greece! To Sergio and his friends, for baking such delicious cakes and selling them for a total of €841.

To the Slade family, for working with friends to cover 1500km: the distance between Syria and Greece, for raising awareness about refugees and gathering over €2000.

To Louise, for finally overcoming her new found love of sangria and tapas to complete a half marathon and raise over €750.

And, of course, to our very own team who moved non-stop for 24 hours and smashed their €2000 target, raising €2849.

World Refugee Day may be over, but the lives of refugees in Europe continue, as does our work. Being the only organisation providing quality education for refugees in Northern Greece is our daily challenge. Your individual dedication and support help us tackle it and keep going! 

If you haven’t been able to support us yet (or you want to increase your impact) you can join our monthly donors’ program. This helps us plan ahead financially and ensure that our students have uninterrupted classes where they can learn the skills they need to integrate into their new European lives. Sign up today to contribute to refugees’ integration!