Who We Are
Second Tree is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded by a group of independent volunteers who worked side by side with refugees in 2016 at the Katsikas camp in Northern Greece.

Second Tree was established to express, foster and advocate for the values of solidarity and intercultural dialogue experienced in Katsikas.
«The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.»
Second Tree takes its name from this proverb. Our belief is that it's never too late to take action and work toward making a positive difference in the world. We plant second chances for those who need them.
Our Vision
We aim to create a society in which fundamental rights, equitable access to resources and services and a healthy environment are granted to all. A society in which all individuals are provided with the tools they need to live in safety and with dignity.
What We Do
We promote social inclusion and encourage intercultural dialogue
We support at-risk communities and we advocate for their rights
We empower individuals through education and training
We are currently active in Ioannina, Greece, where we assist refugee communities with support, education and integration programmes.
Promoting Integration
Our Refugee Twinning programme connects Greeks with refugees to build a stronger, more open society.

We match refugee families with members of the local community to establish long-lasting relationships that make a positive difference in the lives of both. The programme helps newcomers to adjust to their new country and gives Greeks the opportunity to contribute to a more welcoming and enriching society.

The role of the local community is vital to help refugees to build a new life in Greece. To join the Refugee Twinning programme or discover more about it contact us at info@secondtree.org.
Empowering People
Lack of education is one of the long-lasting effects of displacements. As a consequence of war, many refugee children have never attended formal schooling. Young adults were forced to drop out of university to seek safety in other countries and were deprived of the opportunity to shape their own future.

We worked with the University of Ioannina to deliver non-formal English lessons to children to help them better integrate in their future schools.

We also started a non-formal English language programme for adults and teenagers, to ensure that they are better equipped to rebuild their lives in Europe.
Addressing Important Needs
The long journeys and difficult months spent in an ill-prepared camp left Katsikas refugees with many medical issues, including dental and eye-care needs. Some people could not chew solid food. Many needed glasses but were not able to afford them.

We are now running two pilot programmes that have provided access to dental and eye care for over 200 people.
Donating Smiles
We arrange visits to the dentist and cover all expenses for transportation, check-ups, surgeries and implants.
Looking Forward
We arrange visits to the optometrist and cover all expenses for transportation, check-ups, frames and lenses.
We also have supported and continue to collaborate with other NGOs to deliver much needed items such as schoolbags and school materials, diapers, wipes and hygiene kits to ensure that children and adults can live in healthy, dignified conditions.
Get Involved
Volunteer With Us

Your support can really make a difference. We know it first-hand because our staff were all volunteers before embarking on this project. The long-lasting bond that we now have with the people we supported is the greatest reward for our hard work.

We are currently looking for qualified English language teachers to take part in our programmes. Contact us at volunteers@secondtree.org to find out more.
Make a Donation
Your support is essential to continue our important work. Help us provide access to dental and eye care for more people, continue our non-formal education programmes and start new integration initiatives.

With your donation you are planting somebody's second chance.


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